Software package

    We develop a new method to explore the densest sphere packings (DSPs). Our algorithm to explore the DSPs is based on two methods: The piling-up method and the iterative balance method. The piling-up method randomly generates multilayered initial structures, which can smoothly be optimized to packing structures, by randomly choosing the number of spheres on each layer while avoiding a large overlap between spheres. The iterative balance method optimizes initial structures to packing structures by minimizing the volume of unit cells and the overlaps between spheres simultaneously by the steepest descent method under pressure with the hard-sphere potential. The details of our methods are discussed in our papers. The distribution of the program package and the source codes follow the practice of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).
    The Ver. 0 corresponds to the first paper and the Ver. 1 corresponds to the second and third papers. The manual for Ver.1 is also available from this page.